Drunken Boat Literary Magazine is a small scale magazine pumping out serious talent from multiple genres. The focus of the magazine is to showcase the new and upcoming artist, by publishing those who are full of talent but yet to be published or recognized as a professional artist. The name Drunken Boat shows the laid back nature of the magazine and is a homage to how the magazine was created, it was a drunken conversation that soon became reality.

Drunken Boat focuses on new upcoming artists and they accept works in the forms of photography, fiction, poetry, and non fiction. Because the magazine’s focus is contemporary new artists they, unlike many other magazines accept poetry with abstract from, as well as surrealist poetry. “In the Drunken Boat tradition we are thrilled to feature poems that push the possibilities of form and tradition.” This acceptance of more contemporary work rings true for all types of submissions, Drunken Boat is a small magazines but does not let there small size intimidate them. They encourage all types of experimental or abstract submissions in any of the genres they publish.

Another aspect of Drunken Boat that makes them unique is they’re spotlight on a more distinguished artist or writer, which they do every couple of issues. This spotlight on a more successful artist is too show that yes Drunken Boat does prefer new young artist, but they do respect more traditional artist. This edition also gives the magazine a bit more distinction when they publish works from a more recognizable artist. This also gives those younger artists who have been published and those we read the magazine a chance to see more traditional work and get an idea of the basics of art so that they can be more experimental, as well as offer an opportunity to engage with these more established artists and learn from them. A few of the artists who have been featured in past editions are, Susan Gilmore and Traci Brimham, two of the recently featured poets.

All in all Drunken Boat magazine is a smaller online only journal whose main goal is to publish more experimental and contemporary work. As well as to get people excited about art and literature and encourage all types of artists, young and old, and of all mediums to interact and learn. As well as encourage young people to study and expose themselves to the art community. 


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