Slowrush An Album Review

Slowrush is a one album band born and breed on the West Coast. Their band composed of four young punks, covered in leather so tight it could pass for skin, black guyliner, and small black tee shirt’s, showing off the pecks they wished they had.

The four high school dropouts, composed a debut album called Generator in lead vocalist Rob Daiker’s garage in ’98. Before long the wanna be Bon Jovi look alike’s were meeting with Epic records. In 2000 they released their professionally tweaked album Generator, renamed as Volume. The album barely moved on the charts, overshadowed by harder albums and the growing hip hop generation.

The sound hits eardrums hard, and bass drums harder. The second the string of heavy electra funk hits your ears, your hooked. This album has the dirty string chords of Stone Temple Pilots, the intensity of Nine Inch Nails, the funk good time feel of Sly & and The Family Stone. This musical line up is matched with deep rooted lyrics as the band screams and sings about everything from sex addition, child molestation, to soul splitting loneliness.

Their single “Junkie” gave them a slight taste of fame with its funkcore beat and date rape connotations. “Cause I don’t like the drug you slipped me, its effecting the blood and my mind is guilty.” The only thing these boys are guilty of is flopping in the charts; but still creating a timeless album, filled with lyrics so easily relatable to everyone? “I don’t mind telling you that I miss touching you. Doing you anytime, you came across my mind. I don’t mind telling you, but I miss fucking you. Bitch I’ve done my time, give me back what’s mine.” Who can’t relate to hating their ex, but still wanting out of boredom, anger, and loneliness? Most people can, but who would really want to admit to wanting to rape their ex’s until there in as much physical pain as you are mentally?-These guys are fucked up and they’re honest about it, that’s what makes their music so unique.



Now Volume only lives on in “The 100 Most Unappreciated Bands of the 90’s” blogs and the few Cd players of those hypnotized by their fusion of angst hard rock, and funk.





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